# What is MailerCheck?

MailerCheck is an email verification, analysis and list cleaning tool for people who want to optimize their email list and improve email deliverability.

MailerCheck works with all major email marketing tools to improve email deliverability by detecting errors, bounces, catch-all domains, full inboxes and more.

# MailerCheck API

MailerCheck API is RESTful, fully-featured, and easy to integrate with.

You can use your favorite HTTP/REST library that is available for your programming language to make HTTP calls.

# Base URL

All API requests should start with the following base part:



It's important to use HTTPS, otherwise you might experience unexpected results.

# Authentication

Authentication is done by adding an Authorization header to your API request that contains an API token.

In order to use the API token, it needs to be added as Authorization header with the contents of the header being Bearer XXX where XXX is your API token.

This token can be created through the MailerCheck UI by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "API" then click the "Create token" button, give your token a name and that's it.

Authorization: Bearer XXX


Make sure to download or copy your token. You will not be able to see it again after you close the dialog.

Your token is tied to the user that created it, and the account to which it was created under. All the endpoints will use this information and return the proper data.

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Last updated: 2/12/2021, 12:37:18 PM